What is a Central Vacuum?

Simply put, a central vacuum system (also known as built-in or ducted) is a type of vacuum cleaner that is installed into your home. It’s designed to move dirt and debris from the house and send through tubes in the wall to a canister in your garage (or location of your choice).


One of the greatest things about a central vacuum system is that you can stop carrying a heavy system from room to room.

You can place hose inlets around your house at convenient spots and simply move the lightweight hose/vacuum and plug it in from room to room. As the canister is placed outside of your home, the noise from your central vacuum system is very minimal.

Central vacuums are easy to use and very versatile, coming with many available accessories to properly clean every inch of your home. The motors are up to 5 times more powerful than a regular vacuum allowing more dirt and dust to be cleaned up when vacuuming.

Central vacuums are very portable but built to last for a long time. You will save money not having to replace common vacuums every few years.  Central vacuum systems are very durable and also add value to your home for future resale.